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Today’s sewing project
Simplicity 1426.
I typically make modern size 10 or 12 patterns for my self, but I have a 36” bust so I bought the 14-22 pattern pack.  You can’t quite tell this top is too big here, because I have on a ridiculously padded bra with it, but it is to big and I’ll need to buy the 4-12 pattern pack if I ever plan to make one that I don’t need a bra with (and that fits better).  I wish there were size recommendations based on bra size, because I wear a 30G and getting the right fit is never easy.  Its why I began sewing my own clothes to begin with.
So my caution with this pattern is: if you are busty with a small frame like me, the 14 is not a good idea.  I’m going to have to take this apart and take it in.
  • 6 March 2014
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